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Knowledge Management Services in the UAE

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Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management (KM) in simple terms is putting a structure and framework to the information assets that an organization currently hold. Information in your company exists in both digital and physical form. Knowledge Management helps in organizing the existing information into a single place to reuse it effectively.

The scope of Knowledge Management includes but is not limited to a current state analysis, strategy formulation, setting up processes, implementation steps, etc. One of the major objective from KM implementation is to create a knowledge hub that acts as a centralized repository and knowledge sharing platform.

KM is not just limited to creating knowledge sharing platforms, the possibilities are endless. It helps in uncovering and sharing the knowledge that lies hidden in your organization databases, files and most importantly with the employees.

KM fosters an environment of innovation and boosts employee satisfaction. Practicing Knowledge sharing among employees, organizations help in enhancing organizational performance and faster achieve business goals.

Our Services

Assessment, Certification and Training Services

Continuous learning and improvement is a critical element of Knowledge Management. The KM Team at Al Fursan will empower you with the latest KM Guides and best practices to ensure a smooth transition to a knowledge first company.

Our support includes:

A. Training on KM

Separate training programs for the leadership team, middle management, and employees

Training Programs for Employees

  • One week training program on how to work by leveraging KM fundamentals
  • Insights into the different knowledge bases of the organization and how to use it
  • Workshops on using social networking platforms and building networks (contacts)

Training Programs for Middle Management

  • A two-day program on the importance of KM and how to work by leveraging KM fundamentals
  • To promote KM behavior among the employees
  • To define the role of managers in promoting KM

Training Programs for the Leadership team

  • A one day program on KM as a practice and benefits to the organization
  • To identify the possibilities of KM within the organization

B. Certification Assistance

Certification Assistance helps Organization get certified in International Certification programs such as the ISO Certifications, MIKE Awards, KMI Certification (USA), KRO (Singapore)

What we offer:

  • Consultation and workshop for preparing the organization for International KM Certification
  • Liaise with the certifying bodies for successfully executing the certification audit

C. Maturity Assessment Programs

Maturity Assessment Programs includes studying the maturity of the organization in managing knowledge. The KM Competencies across categories such as strategy, people, process, technology, and content are measured.

The support includes:

  • Use standard assessment templates of KMI, MIKE, etc for the KM assessment
  • Reporting and devising revised methodologies

KM strategy building and implementation services

KM strategy is to be closely aligned with the overall organizational strategy and goals. Our team of KM Experts assess your organizational KM requirements and devise an apt strategy to successfully implement knowledge management.

Our strategy formulation and implementation process covers:

  • Defining the strategy for managing Organizational Knowledge (Will be aligned with Global Standards) for clients
  • Suggest the implementation plan, milestones involved and key benefits
    • The organization will be provided with an overall implementation plan
    •  Key milestones will be defined with expected benefits
  • Hand holding the client in the implementation of the KM Strategy and forming a KM team

Enterprise Content Management

Enterprise Content Management is a critical component of KM. We ensure streamlined documentation of all projects with relevant key information areas that will be of future utility for the organization. It results in reducing duplicate efforts and add business value.

Our Enterprise Content Management Services include:

Helping Organizations manage their content in a systematic manner

  • Knowledge audit: Perform Knowledge audit to find the content required in the organization for its smooth functioning and current status
  • Knowledge retention program: Safeguard from knowledge loss when critical resources leave the organization
  • Content classification and findability: Help in easily finding content through proper content classification, content management policies and search features

Enterprise Social Networking (ESN)

Enterprise Social Networking is very vital for KM implementation. ESN facilitates knowledge transfer and enables a culture of sharing and collaboration across employees of the organization

The KM experts at Al Fursan helps you to set up an Enterprise Social Networking platform to:

  • Boost employee engagement and foster an environment of sharing and collaboration within the organization, through relevant interventions.
  • Identify the right Social networking platform, fine-tune the platform and promote its adoption among the employees for faster information sharing and thereby, increasing productivity.

Key benefits

  • Easy retrieval and reuse of information and resources
  • Enabling better and faster decision making
  • Cost saving and reduce duplication of efforts
  • Leverage existing expertise and experience to the fullest
  • Transform organizational culture to stimulate innovation and growth
  • Become a thought leader in your industry

Government Support for Knowledge Management in the UAE

The Government of UAE has been proactively implementing KM Practices for more than 15 years in all Government Institutions. Aligning with the Dubai Government Strategic initiatives, many government organizations including DEWA, Dubai Courts, etc. have implemented KM best practices.

Government Institutions such as the Federal Authority of Human Resource (FAHR), Mohammed Bin Rashid School of Government have information assets, guides, publications, academic programs on Knowledge Management best practices that are very informative and essential for honing your KM Skills.

The organizations, KM Practitioners, and individuals in Dubai could leverage the Knowledge Management support initiatives laid out by the Government of Dubai. The educational institutions and freezones in Dubai conduct regular sessions of KM best practices and share KM success stories.

To be part of a knowledge first economy and enhance business value by knowledge sharing with organizations in both the public and private sector, UAE is the perfect location. Grow your organization and yourself into a thought-leader by networking with KM experts in the UAE.

Knowledge Management Certification

Take your Knowledge Management initiative to the next level. Get certified on the KM best practices Certification bodies such as the ISO Certifications, MIKE Awards, KMI Certification (USA), KRO (Singapore).

Team Al Fursan has the professional expertise to handle the Knowledge Management implementation in the organization of any size and business structure. The KM Team is headed by Dr. Randhir Pushpa who holds a Doctorate for the same.

To become globally recognized as a Knowledge Management leader in your industry, reach out to our KM experts right away.

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Clients Testimonials

  • I am a Japanese Chartered Accountant in NewYork and my Japanese Clients are feeling really comfortable with Al Fursans support in UAE Business. Actually I have never seen a firm like you in the USA.

    - Mr. Nobu Murata - JapanCREARE FZE
  • The most trust worthy professional group I've ever seen

    - Serge Ndiaye - France SN AERO FZE
  • It’s happy to note that Al Fursan registered the branch of BVI Company in PO: P.O.Box: 335395, perfectly complying with all legal attestations. Thanks to Syam and team.

    - Edwin Marshall Berkins – USA MD, PEREGRINE Development International Inc.
  • Quality, excellence and quickness are the hallmark of Al Fursan.

    - Melanie Silke – Germany Mesity FZE
  • The entire job of setting up company in Freezone and getting warehouse was done in one day. Thanks to Al Fursan team.

  • I have had the opportunity to share the last several weeks with your consultant. It has been an enlightening experience for me and the other company managers.

    - Wadi (M.Munther) Wadi Nabulsi - JordanBargain International FZE
  • I thank Al Fursan for their timely advice. If definitely saved me a lot of money & time.

    - Chyngyz Shermatov - Kyrgyz Republic Brimpex FZC
  • Al Fursan is one of the best consulting teams in the UAE for all activities of company formation and related matters. We trust them the most.

    - Ahmed Walid Halabi - US Managing Director, VSD Global (Branch)
  • Al Fursan team has helped us to find the right location to register our company and we appreciate their professional approach.

    - Venkata Surya Prakash Bhaskarabhaitla -
  • I am extremely satisfied with the services provided by Al Fursan. They were very professional and got the work done with expediency.

    - Humaira Siddiqui - PakistanSTRYX FZE
  • Thanks to Al Fursan's team I am able to concentrate on my work as they handle all other issues in a rapid and professional way.

    - Mr. Marco - Italy PROGESUB GULF FZC
  • I was very impressed on how fast and efficient the team was in incorporating our company within a few days and the exceptional assistance I received in obtaining my visa well within the time advised.

    - Kiabod T Mashad - BritainECAP FZE
  • Very friendly, professional and cost effective company that created a stress free company establishment for GQ Holdings.

    - Adam Wadi - Australia GQ HOLDINGS LTD
  • We feel safe in professional hands of Al Fursan since 2010 and we are sure we could not feel any safer without them. THANK YOU, Al Fursan!

    - Mr. Hydyr - Turkmenistan Hibrius
  • Al Fursan Team did a great job in Incorporating our Company within the expected time and without any hassle. We were happy and satisfy with their Service. Thanking you!

    - Mr. Lukas - Germany JM HYGIENE MIDDLE EAST FZC
  • Simply the best. Trustworthy, Professional and Caring. Highly recommended to anyone who is looking to set-up Free Zone company in UAE.

    - Mr. Shidan Shabrokh - UK PENRIX FZE
  • Al Fursan was the most professional Company to provide Customers with less experience in the UAE Company Establishment field a comprehensive Service and Support to get the Business started.

    - Mr. Chris Alan Schubert - GermanyArabian Consulting DWC LLC
  • It was a pleasure working with Al Fursan, really professional, smart people who do their job FAST, EFFECTIVE and with JOY and HAPPINESS for doing the best.

    - Mr. Marcel Bettim Jacobi - BrasilVictory Global FZE
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